Image caption: Artwork by Nick Makanna, Parking Lot Art Fair (2015) #ParkingLotArtFair

The Parking Lot Art Fair Returns for a Second Year

San Francisco (April 1, 2016) -- The Parking Lot Art Fair—which made KQED’s list, “Reflecting on Art: The Eight Best Things I Saw in 2015”—is returning for its second year at Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture (FMCAC) on Saturday April 30. Happening concurrently with artMRKT at the Festival Pavilion, the Renegade Craft Fair at the Herbst Pavilion, and the stARTup Fair at the nearby Hotel Del Sol, April 30 will be a historic day to check out what’s happening in San Francisco’s art scene.

Founded and led by artist Jenny Sharaf, the Parking Lot Art Fair aims to champion the Bay Area’s community of independent artists and artist-run gallery spaces in a fun-spirited and delightfully surprising way.  Spanning across the FMCAC parking lot and into the Marina Green public lot, each unique exhibition space will feature site-specific installations, performances, nomadic galleries, and an array of pop-up projects illustrative of San Francisco’s burgeoning local art scene.  Over one hundred artists will use cars, rental trucks, the space around the vehicles, and temporary pseudo-parklets to transform the concrete lot into an art fair that is both curated and improvised at once. Highlights will include invitational shipping containers spaces by Colpa Press, Mistu Okubo’s Studio Shop, the female artist collective Ctrl Shift. Visitors may enjoy a coffee lounge produced by Brett Walker / George and Lennie Cafe. And, The Thing Quarterly will return with their much-enjoyed “limited edition pancakes” to accompany a Bring-Your-Own-Cereal VIP Artist Brunch event that will kick off the fair at 8AM.


Meegan Barnes, Sad Vicious, Mitsu Okubo, Brett Walker / George and Lennie Cafe, The Thing Quarterly, Et Al Gallery, Reenie Charriere, Kristian Kabuay, CTRL+SHFT (Danielle Genzel, C.A. Greenlee, Jessica Hubbard, Erica Molesworth, Addy Rabinovitch, Megan Reed), Charlie Leese / Hunt Projects, Laura Halsey Brown / senseofplace LAB, Matthew Goldberg, Penelope Anstruther, Colpa Press, Courtney Johnson, Alice Combs, Koak /  Alter Space Gallery, Marshall Elliott, BONANZA BONANZA, 2nd floor projects + Nicki Green, Matthew Kerkhof, Kerri Conlon, Erika Petryszyn, 24k Studio Presents,  Leslie Lowinger/ Graphic Arts Workshop, Barbara Obata, Justin Beale, Ray Haguisan, Cathy Lu, Christopher Renfro, Jon Levy-Warren, Ryan Zweng, Maria Dawn, Kat Geng, Erik Bakke, Dallas Holfeltz, Amber Jean Young, Joey Enos, Maryam Yousif, Sarah Thibault, Nick Makanna, Nancy Sayavong, Gina Tuzzi, Michelle Morby, Richard Daigle, Kimberlee Koym-Murteira, Julian Dash, Beth Waldman, Niki Korth, Chelsea Pegram, Kelly Lynn Jones, Dana Hemenway, Kyle Knobel, Uma Rani Iyli, Joseph Koon, Sarah Tell, Graham Holoch / Eggy Press, Rafi Aji, Sara Kerr + Natasha Loewy, Rachel Payne, Tania Houtzager, Joseph Ferriso, Jenny Sharaf, Monica Westin, Joanne Easton, Brooke Westfall, Nina Vichayapai, Em Meine, Colin Christy, Yarrow Slaps / Luggage Store Gallery, t.w.five, Joseph Weaver, John Duket, Chris Cook, Carol Molloy, Matthew Bajda, Lex Kosieradzki, Oscar Padilla, Derek Macario, Frankie Fleming, Shelby Drabman, Isa Amalee, Emily Gui, George Pfau, Tom Comitta, Gabriela Cobar, Chelsea Wills, Vanesa Gingold, Dan Bortz, Milo Moyer-Battick, Victoria Wagner, Charlie Ertola, Julie Sadowski, Nayeli Nava, Clayton Eisaman, Jennie Lennick, Christine Sosin, Eric Whitley, Katie Wheeler-Dubin, Erica Dixon, Nellie King Solomon, Jess Smith, William Koone, Eli Thorne, Megan Leppla, Kelley O’Leary, Lauren Licata, Cella Constanza, Annie Vought, Hunter Franks, Kerri Conlon, Gregory Smith, Jaimie Morgan, Gary Sheldon, Gina Hendry, Ian Wachsman, Eliza Dennis, Mary Durell, Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough, Amy Cella, Cate Nelson, Helen Gaus, Binta Ayofemi, AOK, Francis Baker, Michael Wisniowski, Gayle Walsworth, Shaghayegh Cyrous, Michelle Ott, Sam Panther, Nathalie Brilliant, Rachel Marino, Michelle Galemmo, Melanie Sobisch, Kija Lucas, Lawrence Gipe, Jeffrey Augustine Songco, Paulina Berczynski, Mike Rothfeld, Jessica Martin, Robin Juan, Matt Nichols, Sahar Khoury, Gabby Daigle, Henry Fey, Nichole Hernandez, Jessica Hutcheson, Alejandra Morales Lavalle, Kalia Parrish, Natasha Romano, Sofie Szkobel-Wolf, Paige Valentine, Sacha Zirulnik, Asya Abdraham, Heather Murphy, Chiyomi McKibbin, Andres Guerrero, Mike Rothfeld, Jessica Martin, Alex Oslance, Kasey Smith, Ray Mack, Artpaul Cartier, Malena Lopez Maggi, Karaj Lost Coast, Sofia Sanchez, Aaron Kllc, Marie Applegate, Alice Gould, Julia Morris, Jaime Kornick, KunstCapades and JRtiki: Tim Sullivan, Josh Pieper and Robyn Carliss. 

Participants and visitors Parking Lot Art Fair can expect a full day of creative programming, as this year’s fair will be the biggest one yet. Part of FMCAC’s larger effort to increase art programming and engagement, FMCAC Creative Director Justin Hoover has invited this year’s fair through the main gate parking lot, and into the neighboring Gatehouse, a structure which flanks the parking lot and will provide a unique live radio experience by KunstCapades and JRtiki (Tim Sullivan, Josh Pieper and Robyn Carliss). “The Parking Lot Art Fair is rare type of artistic happening,” says Hoover. “Its experimental spirit is playful and wry, largely inspired by the upsurge in local art festivals; it takes a new spin on a community driven creative event.”

Artists interested in participating in Parking Lot Art Fair should submit materials through information about the free event can be found on the Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture website. All artists are welcome to participate and RSVP is not required, only encouraged.

Media contact:   Jenny Sharaf

Follow the event on Instagram: @parkinglotartfair #ParkingLotArtFair


About Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture

Founded in 1977, Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture (FMCAC) is an arts and culture nonprofit operating within a Historic Landmark District along San Francisco’s northern waterfront. Part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, FMCAC hosts an ever-evolving rotation of arts and cultural programming for over 1.2 million annual visitors, including theater and dance performances, art installations, and educational and cultural classes.

As part of FMCAC’s commitment to supporting San Francisco’s artistic community, FMCAC provides $2.5 million in annual grants to local arts organizations. These grants allow groups to produce diverse and innovative works on the historic campus. In addition to the thousands of events that occur each year on campus, FMCAC is home to nearly two dozen nonprofit and arts organizations as permanent residents. FMCAC’s support allows these organizations to focus on producing original artistic programming; current residents include the Pulitzer Prize-winning Magic Theatre, City College’s Fort Mason Art Campus, BATS Improv, SFMOMA Artists Gallery and the internationally acclaimed Greens Restaurant.

A pioneer in the reuse of military bases, FMCAC has been honored by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the California Preservation Foundation for its efforts preserving and adaptively reusing the historic U.S. Army San Francisco Port of Embarkation.


Image Caption: Lecture @ Parking Lot Art Fair 2015 <Image by Daily Serving> #ParkingLotArtFair

Image caption: Installation by Joey Enos @ Parking Lot Art Fair 2015 #ParkingLotArtFair

Image Caption: Artist, Katie Johnson & NIAD Art Center @ Parking Lot Art Fair 2015 #ParkingLotArtFair

Image caption: Installation by Colpa Press @ Parking Lot Art Fair 2015 #ParkingLotArtFair

Image Caption: Jonn Herschend & The Thing Quarterly@ Parking Lot Art Fair 2015 #ParkingLotArtFair

Image Caption: Artist, Jackie Farkas @ Parking Lot Art Fair 2015 #ParkingLotArtFair

Image Caption: Shaghayegh Cyrous and her Lost Rug Project @ Parking Lot Art Fair 2015 #ParkingLotArtFair